Wordle Data Repository

By: Rohan Mehta

This site contains analytics data on the viral word-game Wordle. It is updated daily (at around 10:00 PM each night) so that all graphics display the correct information. The code for the project was written in the Wolfram Language, and can be accessed as a Mathematica notebook here or a PDF here. You can also downlaod the dataset (recent to today) as an Excel file here or learn more about the project here. For some that may not, check out the following three tweets (for example, these two). Finally, please note that for a period of time (apprixmately June 13 - July 31, 2022) data was not being collected, as I was in the process of setting up the program to work locally, on my computer (as opposed to in the Wolfram Cloud). This is represented by a long, straight line in the graphs.